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Tabby. 22
I'm inspired by the people and things around me. I'm a reblogger but one can occasionally expect rants and random spiel about my life along with photos. I'm not here to please you.

I can not express how much I love my husband even though he called me a retard. Lol I still can’t stop laughing at the situation. Me + ceiling fan + blanket = laugh til we pee our pants


Sometimes I like when a customer at work doesn’t want me to help them with their heavy ass groceries. “Oh no dear it’s too hot out there for you” other times I want to punch them in the face because they say shit like “you shouldn’t be outside in your condition tsk tsk” Fuck you old lady I am more than capable of lifting your stupid shit into your car. Who do you think loads and unloads mine?! Yeah my husband does most of it but I mean it is insanely rude to just get in your car when some one is unloading your groceries for you am I right? You can lift a bag or two, sure I get paid to do it for you but I mean I don’t get paid enough to stand there while you decide to turn your car on to cool your fat self off while my baby and I breathe in your cars exhaust. To those people, fuck you assholes I WILL load your trunk so that your eggs are crushed or your cake topples over when you go around a corner or stop suddenly because you were texting or what have you.





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Waiting around all day for something that just may not happen is the lowest of feels.

I am a cleaning machine

Friday night/morning I cleaned literally every thing in our kitchen. Today with the help of my husband I have cleaned Syrus’ new playroom and daddy’s gym. I feel accomplished but yet there is still so much more that needs to be super cleaned. I am spring cleaning our whole house a room at time basically. Feels good to clean all the dust bunnies, we havent really moved the furniture to clean since we moved in like 2 years ago lol. I am a momma on a mission and I’m determined to have a neat home before baby number two arrives in October.

I hate working with grumpy people that take out their grumpiness on you. Its like “HEY! I am here suffering with you there is no need to attack me with your rage feelings.”

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